Beni Ouarain rug


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Enjoy the Berber art into your home with this wonderful Beni Ouarain rug 205 x 305 cm. It is a part of the long history of the Berber nomads from the Antiquity. The specific shapes of these rugs seems to come from the neolithic art according to the antique terracotta pots found with the same ornaments.

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Width 205 cm
Longueur 305 cm
Weight 17 kg
Compositions Wool
Wool thickness 0.4 in

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The Berber nomads are living at the north of Africa since the prehistoric ages. About 10 000 years before present, a human group called iberomaurusien was living around the Gibraltar's strait. Few centuries later, these people will be called proto-berber. Finally, at the period of the Ancient Egypt, about 5000 years before present, we call them Berbers.

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Beni Ouarain rug

Beni Ouarain rug 305 x 205 cm

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