• Beni Ouarain rugs of Morocco

    Beni Ouarain rugs of Morocco

    100% woolen Beni Ouarain Berber rugs

    Origin: Moroccan Middle-Atlas

  • Grands tapis Beni Ouarain - Marrakech

    Large Beni Ouarain rugs - Marrakesh

    Large Beni Ouarain rugs of Morocco

    Origin: Middle-Atlas in Morocco

    From 12 in² to 30 in²

    The Beni Ouarain quality rug !

  • Custom made Beni Ouarain rugs

    Custom made Beni Ouarain rugs

    Hand loomed at Home in Morocco

    Origin: Berber, Morocco

  • Beni Ouarain Home Decoration

    Beni Ouarain Home Decoration

    The Beni Ouarain home design !

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The selection of rugs

Premium Berber rugs of Morocco

Rugs offered in our store are all had made by Berber families in Morocco.

We work directly with the Berbers, thus avoiding intermediary remuneration.

This operating mode guarantees very competitive prices while offering true Moroccan rugs of the highest quality.

The rugs are made with sheep wool, sometimes in lambswool. All dyes are obtained from natural dyes derived from plants, such as rose madder, indigo blue, sunset yellow saffron or green mint.

Berber rugs in Morocco

The art of home made Berber rugs

Morocco Beni Ouarain of MarrakeshFor centuries, Berber women are knotting tribal rugs in rural areas in Morocco. This activity is one of the most important for a Berber family. The only way to earn money in rural areas is to have pastoral activities with some sheeps and goats.

The pride of Berber women

When a Berber woman makes rugs, she can help her husband to buy all they needs. Sometimes, the woman earns more money than her husband. That's why the Berber women have a such prestigious aura. In addition, making rugs allow the Berber women to write its own story and personal feelings with Berber symbolic shapes.

The most part of Moroccan rugs come from rural areas.

Here, we provide Berber tribal rugs home made in rural area. You will find Beni Ouarain rugs, Taznakht rugs and also rugs from the Ourika valley near Marrakesh.